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  • SHOP - Julia Jolie Beverly Hills
  • SHOP - Julia Jolie Beverly Hills
  • SHOP - Jewelry Shoes Pasha
  • SHOP - Jewelry Shoes Pasha

  • ROSEGAL yellow lace dress
  • ROSEGAL polka dot backless dress
  • ROSEGAL beautiful bohemian maxi dress
  • YESSTYLE: Korean fashion Spring/Summer 2017
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  • My Drugstore Makeup Bag
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  • Drugstore Beauty Liquid Foundation
  • Yellow&White

  • X - i hope you get your ball room floor, perfect house with rose red doors - X
  • X - look at me now i'm engaged to be married, i'm only 23, and i've got myself a family - X
  • X - i'm not looking for a second chance - X
  • x- cause i'm in love with these tumblr girls with skinny waists and drug habits -x

  • my god this set sucks
  • hah
  • Hi guys :D
  • Night Gray

  • doublelift outfits???? subject to change bc what does he wear tbh
  • febiven's outfits
  • rekkles outfits
  • meteos outfits

  • "And those bright blue eyes, can only meet mine across the room filled with people that are less important than you."
  • "And in the winter night sky ships are sailing, looking down on these bright blue city lights."
  • "We're never done with killing time, can I kill it with you?"
  • "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."

  • // once i had a love and it was divine, soon found out i was losing my mind
  • // now i can see it, and i can feel it, i believe it
  • // toe to toe, there's nowhere to go, so i'm tiptoeing around it
  • // flesh is flesh 'til blood runs cold and blood is blood, so i am told

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